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Projects | Online Plan Room

Project Update: 9/1

posted on 09.01.2021

Welcome to the first day of September!

Total Projects Received at MBEX from 8/23-8/27:  62

Total Project Leads Reported On @ MBEX from 8/23-8/27:  12

Total Active Projects Recieved and/or Reported on MBEX as of 8/31:  228


More exclusive information including project addenda, specs, and plans can be found within our Online Plan Room with the purchase of Premium Access with an MBEX Membership. Currently, the cost for membership plus Premium Access is only $650. Your Premium Access will last through the end of the year (12/31/2021), so now is a great time to give it a shot and see if this benefit is one your company can find beneficial. There are additional perks included with Premium Access beyond addenda, specs and plans. You can filter projects using Superintendent's Automated Manager, or SAM, and specified keywords to help pinpoint the projects you're seeking. Along with 24/7 access to project addenda, specs and plans, you also have the ability to print and save these projects. Check out this comparison chart of Basic Access vs. Premium Access here.

Apply for membership either online here or download, fill out, print, and mail in this form to our Minneapolis office.

Member News

Honoring Sharon Fiscus

posted on 08.27.2021

You can retire, but you can’t retire from being great! That's how we feel about Sharon Fiscus and her upcoming last few days around the office.

Since starting work for the former Minneapolis Builders Exchange in November 1974, Sharon has been a constant example of employee dedication and commitment to excellence. Now, all those years later with the Minnesota Builders Exchange, Sharon has announced her retirement and her last day at MBEX is set for August 31, 2021. 

For 47 years, Sharon has provided service to thousands of MBEX members both in the office and online. Her work helped MBEX become one of the top builders exchange organizations in the United States. Her last day at MBEX is set for August 31, 2021.

We wish Sharon the very best as she begins this new chapter in her life. Join us in thanking Sharon for her many contributions to MBEX and to the construction indusrty by sending her a note filled with well wishes to sharonf@mbex.org.


So, What is Hyperloop?

posted on 08.23.2021

Welcome to our newest News column: So, What Is It? Things are constantly popping up and change with how fast technology moves in this day and age, so when we come across something new or sparks our interest, we’ll take a dive into learning more and sharing our findings with you. These will not be long, in-depth posts (we totally get it; you’re busy people!). Think of them more as a highlights brief on the topic. We hope this will be the first of many posts like this, and we hope even more you’ll be back to check out what we discover next!

So, what is Hyperloop, or rather Hyperloop Transportation?

Hyperloop is a new form of super speed ground-level transportation in which people could travel in a hovering pod inside a vacuum tube at speeds as high as 760 mph (that's just shy of the speed of sound). These pods could be built either above or below ground. The idea behind this new mode of transportation is to make travel between cities faster, easier, and more eco-friendly, as some hyperloop concepts would use magnetic levitation similar to bullet trains.

It's currently being developed by a number of companies, including Elon Musk's Boring Company and Richard Branson's Virgin Hyperloop. Virgin Hyperloop One made history as the first company to successfully test hyperloop technology. It includes magnetic levitation, much like the technology used in advanved high-speed rail projects in Japan and Germany.

HyperloopTT, a U.S-based start-up company that's been developing hyperloop travel since 2013, says it plans to apply for federal funding for the development of "the world's most advanced hyperloop project" in the Great Lakes if the law is passed. Other companies throwing their hat into the hyperloop ring are Hardt Hyperloop in the Netherlands and TransPod, a Canadian company.

For a further explaination behind the concept of hyperloop, check out this video. It's on the longer side (12 minutes), but if you're intrigued, it's worth the watch.


We discovered hyperloop technology in this Changing America article. Had you previously heard of hyperloop? What do you think --- is hyperloop the transportation mode of the future?

Member News

Contracts for 2022 Buyers + Membership Directory Have Been Sent

posted on 08.20.2021

It's time to review and renew your company listing!

Check that inbox; contracts were sent out last week to all member companies by email. Please review your listing information, make any desired changes, and return to Julie at juliem@mbex.org

The Buyers Directory contract is not only a great way to update your company information with MBEX, but also your tool to verify and/or add listings for your company in the annual print publication.
If you have any questions regarding your contract, your current company's listing(s), or you did not receive your contract, please call 612-381-2627 or email Julie.

Paperwork must be returned by September 30, 2021. No payment is due now. The charges will appear on your annual invoice, coming in November.

If you'd like, you can view the 2021 Member Directory online.

Odds and Ends

Color an Iconic Minnesota Building for National Coloring Book Day

posted on 08.02.2021

There is a magic to be found between the sheets of a coloring book, a type of magic that can take us away and walk us within a million worlds. More importantly, coloring books make designers of us all. Whether it's to be a Rembrandt with his sensible colors and patterns or Picasso with his unique cubist designs and surreal colors. expressing ourselves on the page with color helps anyone to get back to those past days of youth. It could also be inspiring the next great architect or designer!

You might be thinking, "Coloring is for kids." Yes, it is, but it is **also** for adults (we're all just big kids at heart, after all). There are plenty of highly detailed books specially created for adults to enjoy, and coloring books have been used for everything from educational purposes, to aiding in therapy and health. 

Mondays are hard enough; take a break and try a new color scheme on these iconic Minnesota structures. Break out the colored pencils at home with a printed copy or open the file on your phone and start painting. 



Relax, and enjoy Coloring Book Day!

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